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Georgia Power Encourages Planting the Right Tree In the Right Place on Georgia Arbor Day

Georgia Power works every day to keep reliability high across the state and, with Georgia Arbor Day marking the start of the spring planting season this month, the company encourages customers to make the right landscaping choices around homes and businesses. Planting the right tree in the right place helps reduce the chance of a power outage in the event of a storm. It also reduces the need for future pruning by tree contractors and can improve accessibility to wires and equipment for line crews.

Georgia Power recommends dividing your yard into three specific planting zones – the Tall Zone (trees 60 feet or higher) farthest from power lines, the Medium Zone (trees no taller than 40 feet), and the Low Zone (trees and shrubs no taller than 25 feet). Trees and shrubs in the Low Zone may be planted 15 feet from electric utility wires.

In addition to helping customers select the right trees to plant, Georgia Power maintains 160,000 line acres and 24,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines under guidelines set by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). These maintenance activities are an essential piece of the company’s commitment to ensuring reliable service for 2.6 million customers in every corner of the state.

Helping Reforest Georgia
Georgia Power has a longstanding commitment to natural resource conservation, which includes protecting native habitat and water quality through establishing and enhancing native forests. Last year, Georgia Power planted more than 361,000 loblolly pines on 596 acres and restored a 200-acre longleaf landscape by planting 84,000 pine seedlings.

Through Georgia Power GreenKeepers, the company’s employee volunteer environmental & natural resources organization, hundreds of seedlings were distributed in communities across the state this month to celebrate Georgia Arbor Day, and the beginning of spring planting season.

Call Before You Dig
Georgia Power also reminds customers of the importance of calling 811 before they dig. The company works every day with Georgia 811 to ensure that projects are safe and comply with the “Georgia Dig Law.” The law requires that workers contact Georgia 811 before digging to have all underground utility lines (such as power, communications, gas and water lines) clearly marked. Georgia residents can call the free service at 8-1-1 or (800)-282-7411, or submit an electronic request at

News provided by Metro Atlanta CEO – February 21, 2021