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State Lawmaker Wants to Create Cyberforce in Georgia

While the gas shortage seems to be easing in most areas across the state following the ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, the concern about future attacks is still on the minds of many state officials. In fact, the incident has driven one state lawmaker to look into ways to address this in Georgia.

Sen. Jason Anavitarte (R-Dallas) has announced Tuesday that he will be introducing legislation for the 2022 session of the Georgia General Assembly to create a cyberforce in Georgia to protect the state’s technology and information assets.

Anavitarte said that once the legislation is officially filed, more information will be available

“If recent news has shown us anything, it’s that we are in dire need of stronger cybersecurity,” said Anavitarte. “As we’ve seen with recent cyberattacks such as with the Colonial Pipeline, cyber criminals and malicious hackers prey on vulnerabilities to exploit and infiltrate our networks.

“Therefore, we must be doing all that we can to ensure our digital assets are as resilient as possible against these attacks. This is why I’m proud to be introducing a bill to create the Georgia Cyberforce,” he added.

According to Anavitarte, the Georgia Cyberforce would focus on four specific areas: cybercrime, cyberdefense, cyberwarfare and cybergovernance. The goal of the cyberforce would be to advise the Governor’s office on cybersecurity related topics, coordinate with various agencies and organizations to reduce financial losses due to cybercrime activities, protect the safety of Georgia’s citizens against cyberattacks, protect the economic, physical and information assets of the state, and to support and grow Georgia’s economy.

Following the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline, Gov. Brian Kemp temporarily suspended the state fuel tax in an attempt to keep gas prices in check. Earlier this week, he extended the State of Emergency for Petroleum Shortage until May 22.

Article courtesy of Metro Atlanta CEO. Published on May 20, 2021.  The author is Cindy Morley.