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Supply Chain Now Builds on Partnership with Reverse Logistics Association for Sustained Focus on Returns Aspect of Industry

Supply Chain Now, the voice of supply chain, will continue its coverage of returns and reverse logistics as it launches into the new year, providing insights from industry leaders as it highlights this important aspect of global supply chain.

While some might minimize the importance of the reverse logistics side of the chain, Supply Chain Now CEO and Host Scott Luton disagrees.

“In this eCommerce age, with a greater emphasis on sustainability and circular economy, and a burgeoning reuse industry, the reverse logistics industry will only grow in importance. That’s one of the reasons we’ve invested resources in covering it for several years now,” said Luton.

Luton also cites the partnership between Supply Chain Now and the Reverse Logistics Association as evidence of his global digital media platform’s commitment to covering the important issues surrounding the returns and reverse logistics industry.

Reverse Logistics Association Executive Director Tony Sciarrotta stated, “The returns and reverse logistics industry is far more complicated than the forward supply chain, and few companies get it. Scott Luton and the Supply Chain Now team ‘got it’ from our first meeting almost 4 years ago and continue to support the cause.”

“Scott and Supply Chain Now have been active in the Reverse Logistics Association and are helping to evangelize to the world about the importance of returns management and the circular economy. With another tsunami of returns coming from this holiday season, we need solutions offered to the many industries affected by them,” he added.

Luton said that Supply Chain Now will also be at the Reverse Logistics Association Conference and Expo in Las Vegas on Feb. 6-9. For more information about this event, visit

For more information on Supply Chain Now podcasts and programs, visit Supply Chain Now.

Article courtesy of Metro Atlanta CEO, published January 10, 2022.